Zero Hour Improv

Date: Wednesday June 6th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Zero Hour Improv is back! We have back to back troupes this month to showcase the best improv troupes in Toronto! Come on out and have some fun!


Funk Ain't Dead: (Russell Batcher, Cameron LaPrairie and Leanne Miller)

Curious George Washington: (Amelia Rose Ritthaler, Melissa Gi, Michelle Jedrzejewski, Connie Manfredi, Meaghan Johns, Austen Alexander, Ajahnis Charley, Rhys Naylor, Ashley Miniaci and Yosef Dynar)

Champagne Boyfriend: (Sam Roulston and Brittney Drysdale)

HotFace: (Romilly Belcourt, Sarah Ehsani, Maddy Foley, Melissa Gi, Hidetaka Ishii, Emily Poulin, Amelia Ritthaler, Faraz Sherwani and Josh Symonds)

We're Just Gonna Do Shrek: (Korri Birch and Moniquea Marion)

The Friendship Triangle: (Madison Haste, John Sohn, Josh Chau, Erin Humphry, Kimberly Bryne and Leah Skerry)

Thirst Trap: (Rhys Naylor and Cydney Connell)

Trophy Husbands ( Mike Mildon and Jackson Rowe)

RUN V.A.G : (Julia Haist, Emma Bulpin, Natalie Semotiuk and Rose-Ingrid Benjamin)

Tall Boys ll Men: (Guled Abdi, Tim Blair and Franco Nguyen)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

Tickets $10