Zero Hour Improv - 2 Year Anniversary

Date: Wednesday July 4th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Zero Hour Improv is two years old! We're celebrating by bringing back some of our favourite troupes as well as fantastic new ones. It's the most improv at the best price!


Top Secret Mark Little Troupe.

Those Two Gals!: (Connie Manfredi and Michelle Jedrzejewski)

Heidi Montage: (Daniel Beitchman, Hidetaka Ishii, Moniquea Marion, Brian Edwards, Ryan Hughes, Alaric Mckenzie-Boone, Charlene Elizabeth, Alfred Chow and Nicolas Melo)

Champagne Boyfriend: (Sam Roulston and Brittney Drysdale)

Con 5: ( Carley Thorne, Chris Heijdens, Dalia Vainer, Dora Jackson, Eitan Shalmon, Jackson Rowe, Julia Haist, Melissa Gerskup, Meredith Mullen andRob Michaels)

Fanny Pack: ( Rob Lewin, Elliot Ritter, Ben Sosa Wright and Robyn Bacon)

Hurt Vonnegut: (Anne McMaster, Andrew Cromwell, Simon McCamus,Kevin Matviw, Daniel Moniz, Arun Kirupa, Kaleb Belak, Kris Maki and Carly Watt)

Chapschtick: (Marc Hallworth and Michael Dorkins)

Abra Cadaver: ( Dana Puddicombe, Samara Stern, Ross Hammond, Kate Fenton, Antonis Varkaris and Jason Voulgaris)

The Jack and Marc Show: (Marc Opie and Jack Van)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

Tickets $10