Zero Hour Improv

Date: Wednesday September 5th 2018
Time: 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Welcome to Zero Hour Improv, the show with the most improv at the best price!

Zero Hour is 90 mins of pure comedy. It features 10 of the best improv troupes in Toronto on a non stop roller coaster of Improv. It's a show where anything can happen and probably will. Come join in on the action!


Quiet Confusion: (Mark Heeney, Chanelle Berlingeri, Preet Panesar, Linda Julia Paolucci, Neil Mathur, Yaw Attuah, Grace Smith, Trevor Tranter, Linda Taillon and Ian McIntyre)

Parallel Peter Parkers: (Giancarlo Consoli, Vinay Sagar and Parth Parikh)

HotFace: (Amelia Rose Ritthaler, Emily Poulin, Romilly Belcourt, Hidetaka Ishii, Josh Symonds, Sarah Eshani and Natasha Safarian)

Harlots Web: (Meredith Mullen, Matthew Keevins and El Kylo Haire)

Re-Re-Replay: (Randl Morales, Kash Adam, Bradley Bandit Brooks, Cassie Pyatt and Gaby Hey)

Four Dudes: (Abby McEachran and Sarah Ehsani)

Coffee Breath: (Saunia Saher, Janice Yang, Erin Sangle, Shreya Patel, J.M. Porup, Bianca Flavelle and Samuel Dunsiger!)

Kevin D. Williams and Special Guest

Con 2:( Eli Bovard, Connie Manfredi, Michelle Jedrzejewski, Patrick Murray,Korri Birch, Marko Bezić, Shreya Patel, Carolyn Hurren, and Bree Alii, Laura Sofia Ramoso)

Elderdog: (Rob Lewin, Zo? Barrett-Wood and Cihang Ma)

Hosted by Tyler Morgan

Tickets $10