Figure it Out with Mike Carrozza

Date: Monday July 2nd 2018
Time: 9:00pm - 10:30pm


Figure it Out with Mike Carrozza isn't your average interruption show.

Host Mike Carrozza sits on stage, ready to riff with invited guests performing stand-up.

This show was named one of the top ten comedy shows in Montreal the year in the year it debuted and ran.

Figure it Out has featured comedians who've been on Just For Laughs. It's helmed by Mike Carrozza who's performed on Just For Laughs and headlines internationally.

This edition of Figure it Out with Mike Carrozza, we're lucky to have such amazing hilarious guests!

Todd Graham
Courtney Gilmour
Ryan Dillon
Fanny Arkay
Hisam Kelati
Hoodo Hersi
Kev Sheeler

and more surprises!