Guess Who's Coming to Improv

Date: Saturday July 7th 2018
Time: 8:30pm - 10:00pm

It's a SPECIAL FUNDRAISING EDITION of Guess Who's Coming to Improv? featuring special guest, Second City Mainstage alumna and director of Generally Hospital, Leigh Cameron!!!

All proceeds from the July show will go towards the supporting Generally Hospital at Toronto Fringe Festival's fundraiser to help cover the costs associated with providing three adapted performances of the sketch revue: a relaxed performance, an audio described performance, and ASL interpreted performance.

Tickets are $5 as always, however we'll be passing a bucket around in case anyone is feeling extra generous the night of the show!

Looking for more stage time? To improvise more? TO TRY IMPROV? In GWCI?, you will be paired up with a partner to play a scene. The fun part? You have NO IDEA who your partner is until you step on stage.

Embrace the unknown and have a BLAST!
Improv for EVERYONE. All. Levels. of. Experience.