Side FX Comedy Showcase

Date: Thursday July 5th 2018
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Come enjoy some some of Toronto's best comedians do their material while another comic on a soundboard is trying
to add funny improvised tag lines and enhance their set with voice clips and sound drops.

Theirs no crickets here, if a joke goes flat the soundboard will pick you up!
Audience is allowed to to yell out their own ideas and ad lib's to make it a fun, unique and interactive comedy experience!

$6 online or $8 at the door

MC/Host: James "Jam Easy" Cummins
- Danny Polishchuk
- Jasjivan Jesse Singh
- Anjelica Scannura
- Rahil Shaikh
- Neil Griffin
- Rajat Bhateja

Special guest comedy rap duo GoodKnight will be opening our first show, Come out and lets make it a goodnight!!!