All Star Bitches Tickets

2800 Danforth Avenue, Toronto


Time for another edition of ALL STAR BITCHES!

A full throttle comedy show featuring Toronto’s top bitches! 

Roll one up and join us.

About The Producer:

Jo Baker is a Toronto based bitch and has been producing kickass comedy shows for almost 20 years!  For 13 of those years she ran the nefarious weed friendly UndergroundComedy/Cafe 420, when COVID struck she was forced to close her doors. Now she has found a home at Comedy Bar and is bringing you the best comedy shows! 



Wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory.

Comedy Bar is a basement venue with 16 steps down to the entrance. Washrooms are located on the main floor.

The use of smoke machines and strobe, flashing lights or lasers may occur during performances

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Event Location:
2800 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON M4C 1M1