Talk Like A Pirate Day Comedy and Song Special Tickets

945 Bloor Street W, Toronto


Ahoy, Climb aboard and be ready for a thrill ride, the likes of which are once in a lifetime! Alexander Brovedani opens for The Singing Scalawag (hopefully with some jolly natured insults) and Rasta Man RasIvan will sing us some reggae at halftime. The majority of the show will be The Singing Scalawag onstage performing pirate song covers in acapella and folk songs, but will also include: lessons in pirate speak, jokes and educational content, original songs with live instrumental accompaniment (accordion, violin, harmonica, drum), and a sing along or two. Come along to the Golden Age of piracy and enjoy plenty of hysterical shanties! Yarrr!

Feel free to say Ahoy, Yarr or whatever be on yer mind. If ye know the words ye can join in too.

Online & Door Tickets 20$

Early Bird Tickets 15$

First 5 to show up and purchase a ticket at the door dressed as a pirate get a 5$ discount! While supplies last!

Featuring :

Alexander Brovedani, insta: Mralexbrovo

Singing Scalawag, insta: Werewolfdick, youtube: /@singingscalawag

RasIvan, youtube: /@ivansoobrattie7642


Wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory.
Comedy Bar is a basement venue with 16 steps down to the entrance. Washrooms are located on the main floor.
The use of smoke machines and strobe, flashing lights or lasers may occur during performances

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Event Location:
945 Bloor Street W, Toronto ON M6H 1L5