Insufferable with Bee Bertrand and Cleo Vaillancourt Tickets

945 Bloor Street W, Toronto


We have been called a lot of things- inspiring, influential, ingenious- but the people who know us best call us Insufferable. Just don’t call us late for dinner. 

Bee Bertrand and Cleo Vaillancourt host, while Canada's Best Comics do their funniest jokes. The only thing more Insufferable than Bee and Cleo is the absurd trivia they'll make you answer to win their personal belongings. This edition is special though, because it's a whole hour gossiping about our "brushes" with fame! All the NDAs must have timed out by now, right??

Lineup: Martha Chaves, Natalie Norman, and Mark McNally


Wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory.
Comedy Bar is a basement venue with 16 steps down to the entrance. Washrooms are located on the main floor.
The use of smoke machines and strobe, flashing lights or lasers may occur during performances

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Jan 06, 2024 07:00 PM
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Event Location:
945 Bloor Street W, Toronto ON M6H 1L5