Suicide Mission: A One Man vs Everyone Roast Battle Tickets

945 Bloor Street W, Toronto


Suicide Mission is a roast battle show, where Toronto comedian/one man roast army Sebastiano Fazio takes on a brutal battalion of Canada’s most vicious comedians in a series of one on one battles.


Join him as he takes on this impossible task, as he aims to join the ranks of Canada’s roast royalty.

Guaranteed to be the most hilariously offensive night in Canadian comedy history. 


Freddy Jan (Your Hood’s a Joke, Roast Battle Toronto)

Michelle Forrester (JFL New Faces, Roast Battle Montreal)

Mark Korakianitis (Kill Tony, JFL Toronto)

And more!


Wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory.
Comedy Bar is a basement venue with 16 steps down to the entrance. Washrooms are located on the main floor.
The use of smoke machines and strobe, flashing lights or lasers may occur during performances

Scheduled Events

Event Location:
945 Bloor Street W, Toronto ON M6H 1L5