The Haters Tour Tickets

2800 Danforth Avenue, Toronto


Stand-up comedians Surer Qaly Deria (Just For Laughs, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, CBC Gem) and Sam Sferrazza (Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs, CBC Gem) are proud to announce this first-ever preview of their upcoming show set to premiere at Hamilton Fringe The Haters Tour!

The Haters Tour is a sensitivity training parody that pokes fun and examines what allyship is - where does it work and where does it fall short?

In The Haters Tour, Sam and Surer play narcissistic performers that have recently taken a diversity training position in order to get more stage time. They think they are changing hearts and minds, while also getting some prime stage time in the spotlight (win/win!), but they quickly realize the material they are preaching bumps up against who they are as people. As they question the task given, the presentation takes on a life of its own, unraveling before their eyes.


Wearing a mask is recommended, but not mandatory.
Comedy Bar Danforth is an accessible venue with an elevator to basement level. Accessible washrooms are located on both levels.
The use of smoke machines and strobe, flashing lights or lasers may occur during performances.

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2800 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4C 1M1